Northfield Car Sound


Innovative Solutions is what sets Northfield Car Sound apart from the others. We are always striving to offer Audio & Visual Solutions to customers with the most unique, and equally challenging vehicles. If you thought your car, wasn’t able to have the In Car Entertainment products you were after, then come in and speak to one of our Team members to get that Innovative Solution you were looking for.


Expert Installations from any one of our “Accredited Installer” team members is what you will get when dealing with Northfield Car Sound. Whether you are after a new set of speakers, or an integrated navigation & audio visual system, rest assured that only the highest level of care and attention is taken when it comes to the installation in your vehicle.


In Car Entertainment is fast becoming one of Australia’s most exciting “Must Haves” for the 21st Century.
Northfield Car Sound has been leading the way with all the latest and greatest technologies and advancements. We keep a keen eye on the market to ensure that our customers have only the best for their Pride and Joy.