6” Component 2-Way Speaker System

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The latest addition to the Type-J speaker series the SPJ-161CS, utilises a separated woofer and tweeter system for enhanced sound quality and provides for a more defined sound stage. The Type-J speaker series represents an affordable way to upgrade the factory speakers in a vehicle, or even to begin a larger sound system build, without compromising the excellent sound quality and performance you expect from Alpine.

The SPJ-161CS speaker system includes two true 6” woofers and two 13mm tweeters designed to fit in most vehicles. Built to handle all bass levels down to the lowest, their high efficiency means that you enjoy powerful bass sounds without ruining your favourite songs with distortion. Best of all, stylish grilles with a premium appearance are included to ensure the high performance cone woofer is protected from damage.



  • 6” 2-way Components Speaker type
  • 2x Grille, Tweeter Stand, Mounting Kit and Cushion
  • Speaker Cable, Rubber Gasket



  • Woofer Unit 30Hz – 30kHz Effective Frequency Range
  • 250 / 50 WRMS Power 
  • 90dB Sensitivity
  • Normal black cone
  • 86dB ± 2dB
  • Copper VC wire type
  • Ferrite Magnet
  • Tweeter Unit 5 – 20 KHz Effective Frequency Range
  • PEI diaphragm Material
  • Copper VC Wire type
  • Nd-Fe-B Magnet material


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