PDR Mono Amplifier

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The fully digital PDR-M65 Mono Amplifier provides powerful bass, big dynamic sound, non-shutdown performance, and easy vertical or horizontal installation.

Each PDR amp is unmatched in its class for power density performance (watts per cubic cm) and damping factor. For tremendous power at all levels, with hard-hitting bass, and outstanding S/N ratios and frequency response.

All the terminals are located on one side of the amp allowing easy installation anywhere in the boot or under a seat. The control panel is on the top for easy access, and the logo can be removed and turned so it always faces in the right direction.

PDR-M65_angle1 PDR-M65_angle2 PDR-M65_back  PDR-M65_side


  • Input gain adjustment: 0.1 – 4V
  • Bass EQ
  • Variable Low Pass Filters
  • Thermal Protection
  • Remote Bass Knob Ready



  • Output channels: Mono


  • Power (@14.4V 1% THD)
    • 14.4V 4?: 1 x 450W
    • 14.4V 2?: 1 x 650W
  • Max Power Output: 1300W


  • Filter: Variable LPF
  • LP: 50Hz-400Hz -24dB/oct
  • Subsonic Filter: 8Hz-50Hz -24dB/oct
  • Bass EQ: 0dB to + 12dB Variable


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