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Bassline 12″ Single Subwoofer Enclosure

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The SBR-S12D4 is a slot ported box designed and engineered in the USA, featuring the new 12″ Type-R Subwoofer capable of handling a massive 1000 watts RMS!

This stylish enclosure is perfectly matched to the subwoofer for optimum output and sound quality. Built to play low and loud, the SBR-S12D4 delivers powerful, clean bass with exceptional accuracy and deeper bass excursion.

With new aesthetics and improved power handling over previous models, the new SBR-S12D4 sets the benchmark for looks and performance.

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The SBS-S15D4 combines the new Type-S 15″ Subwoofer with a perfectly matched slot ported enclosure, precisely designed and engineered in the USA.

Featuring Alpine’s HAMR (High Amplitude Multi Roll) surround previously only found on Type-R and Type-X subwoofers, the new Type-S subs play louder and lower than ever before. Plus, improved power handling and an advanced airflow system mean they can produce more bass non-stop.

With an aluminium look cone and stylish carpeted box, this subwoofer in enclosure looks as good as it sounds.

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Add more bass to your system with Alpine’s all new SWE-1500. With its compact
size and stylish design the SWE-1500 can be mounted virtually anywhere in a
vehicle, even under a seat. A separate amplifier with speaker level inputs
allows connection to virtually any head unit. Plus, the included bass level
controller allows adjustments to be made right from the drivers seat.