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Alpine innovation continues with the revolutionary INE-F409E Halo9 with built-in advanced navigation. Designed in the pursuit of performance, its super fast operation coupled with the latest technology and Alpine’s newly developed Primo 3.0 NextGen premium navigation makes the INE-F409E the ultimate 9” infotainment system.

Equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto enables use of smartphone apps on the road. With a touch of the brilliant 9” display or voice command you can get directions and use Google Maps, send and receive messages, make calls and listen to popular music? apps such as Spotify or Tidal. Entertainment is state-of-the-art too, letting you playback a multitude of sources including USB for high-end FLAC files and MP4 video, AM/FM Radio, DAB+ Digital Radio and HDMI for smartphone mirroring or to add the DVE-5300 DVD? player. Plus, it’s ready for Alpine’s HDR (High Dynamic Range) front and rear multi-view camera system.

The INE-F409E fits virtually any dashboard and is expertly crafted to excite and enrich your everyday drive.

Premium Built-In Navigation

The superb Primo 3.0 navigation platform provides an exceptional map viewing experience with features such as 3D landmarks, 3D cityscapes and a state of the art Points of Interest database. Plus, with 3-years of free map updates you can ensure that your navigation system is always up to date and ready to venture the latest roads.

POI, Speed Camera Alerts and Lane Guidance Assist

With features such as extensive Points of Interest and Lane Guidance you can enjoy convenience on the fly.

Pinch Zoom Gesture Control

Viewing the map is more intuitive than ever before with the new pinch zoom feature. You can easily move the map around with your finger and use a pinch to zoom in or out of the map.

One Look Display

Having trouble deciding on the music or navigation screen? The INE-F409E provides users with an elegant split screen to ensure that you can control both without the hassle of pressing multiple buttons.

4WD Off Road Maps

Stay in control while off the beaten track with pin-point off-road navigation equipped with 3D terrain. Turn-by-turn guidance and the convenient one-look display provides you with the ultimate off-road experience.

Caravan and Camping Sites

Explore the comprehensive caravan and campsite database, allowing you to navigate to your favourite camp ground or utilise the points of interest function to find a new one nearby.

Smartphone Navigation

Smartphone navigation at your convenience; with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto displayed on the enormous 9” capacitive touch-screen display. The included GPS and Glonass antenna provides a highly accurate pin-point location to ensure that you are always on-track to your desired location.

Featuring voice control you can set your destination or use the display to type in a location and begin your journey. In addition, voice guidance gives you with turn-by-turn instructions to assist you en-route.


The Sygic smartphone app is ready for use with Apple CarPlay bringing an in-car navigation experience to your dashboard. The Sygic app provides off-line maps with frequent updates and handy features such as traffic camera alerts, live traffic, lane guidance, actual speed and speed limits when using the paid service.


Available when using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the Waze app provides a unique navigation experience offering alternative routes to save you time. Waze also provides real time feeds reported by fellow Waze users to inform of upcoming traffic, road hazards, camera alerts and police stops.

Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay brings your apps to life all through the display. Listen to your favourite music apps such as Spotify or Tidal, plus make calls, get directions with maps, receive messages and see your calendar all while using the display or voice control.

Android Auto

The convenience of Android Auto lets you bring the ever-expanding apps into the dash of your car. From either the display or voice command you can make calls, send and receive messages, play music apps or set a destination via Google Maps or Waze.

Audio Streaming Apps

With Apple Music onboard for Apple CarPlay you have access to 60+ million ad-free songs at your fingertips which you can search genres, artists, podcasts and expertly crafted playlists. With the use of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, Amazon Music and Google Play Music provides limitless entertainment to stream or download songs from a list of over 40 million ad-free tracks. Amazon Music, Google Play Music and Apple Music are paid subscriptions.


Access the worlds music library with millions of tracks and episodes available on Spotify. When using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto with the Spotify app, you can play the latest songs from your favourite artists, charts and playlists. Plus, browse through the collections of friends, artists, celebrities and radio stations all from the comfort of the driver’s seat. Furthermore, get unlimited skips, no ad interruptions and much more with the Spotify Premium paid subscription.


The VOX app for iPhone lets you play Hi-Res FLAC, ALAC, DSD, PCM music files, as well as sync music and playlists from Spotify, browse and play streams from SoundCloud, plus access radio stations from around the world. With Apple CarPlay and the VOX app enjoy Hi-Res music and audiophile sound as the artist intended. The VOX Premium paid subscription provides limitless space for your music and much more.


While using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the Tidal app lets you stream your favourite songs in high quality audio. With over 60 million songs available to stream or download you have endless music options, plus you can stream guest playlists curated by the artists you love and listen to original playlists hand-picked by the Tidal experts. Tidal is a paid subscription.


Apple CarPlay brings your iPhone’s Calendar schedule to your dashboard so you can stay up-to-date with future events and important dates whilst on the road. What’s more, if you have a particular event with a location in your calendar, you can simply select the event from the display and Apple CarPlay will launch Maps and provide directions to the location with voice guidance.


Android Auto provides you with a simple yet convenient tab to display incoming notifications such as text messages and phone calls. Incoming text messages automatically notify you via the display or you can browse through recent messages. From the display you have the option to either preview the message text or play the message via text-to-speech.

HDMI Connectivity

Spectacular smartphone mirroring is at your fingertips with HDMI support for a wide-range of devices. Watch your favourite movies or TV shows through the oversized 9” WVGA screen for an in-car experience like no other.

Built-In Bluetooth

Built-In Bluetooth allows you to connect your iPhone or Android smartphone to make calls and wirelessly stream music. This provides virtually limitless music choices to enhance your in-car experience.

DAB+ Digital Radio

Listen to your favourite radio stations in exceptional clarity with DAB+ Digital Radio. With improved reception and a wide range of stations, DAB+ provides a crystal clear listening experience.

High-Resolution Audio Support

Listen to your favourite music through a wide range of supported files including AAC, WMA and MP3 or undertake the ultimate listening experience with FLAC audio file playback support up to 192kHz/24Bit.

USB Connectivity

USB connection provides a multitude of source options including memory sticks, smartphones, and other devices to playback audio and video files. Plus, MP4, AVI and MKV files are supported up to 1080p with superb clarity.

Direct Camera Input

The INE-F409E has the ability to add the Alpine reverse camera via the direct camera input or (RCA with optional CAM-ALP-ADP). Plus, you can add up to 3 cameras with the optional KCX-C250MC featuring touch control.

CAN-UART Compatible

CAN-UART capability provides connection to a vehicle specific interface for display of climate information, park assist and steering wheel controls. In addition, system information can be sent to vehicle sub-displays.

Optional DVE-5300

The INE-F409E allows for the custom installation of the DVE-5300 anywhere in your vehicle. This provides the opportunity for DVD and CD playback capability through a HDMI connection.

Adjustable Display Angle

The INE-F409E provides flexibility when installing. The display can be angled from +45 degrees to -20 degrees to match a wide range of dashboards. The display gets locked in delivering no movement when using the unit.

Adjustable Display Height/Distance

The display height can be adjusted +/- 3cm from the center position, allowing for standing and hanging display configurations. You can also adjust the distance of the display to your dash with a 20mm range.

KAE-1DPLT Blanking Plate for 2-DIN Installation (Optional)

The KAE-1DPLT (optional) blanking plate makes any 2-DIN installation a breeze with a professional finish. The KAE-1DPLT fills the void of the 1-DIN space either at the top or underneath when using a conventional 2-DIN dash fascia installation kit. For more information click on the KAE-1DPLT link.

KAE-1DPLT Blanking Plate Fitment (Optional)

The KAE-1DPLT is securely fitted to either the top or bottom of the Halo9 chassis, allowing the space to be filled regardless of if the unit is installed higher or lower in the dash. Secured by machine thread screws makes installation of the blanking plate simple and robust.

Alpine Halo9 – Compatible with a myriad of vehicles with single-din and double-din slots.

Luxurious and elegant style converges with Alpine’s all new INE-F409E delivering an XXL 9” display compatible with the Toyota Hi-Lux. Featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto you can enjoy the latest in multimedia technology. Vehicle integration requires an Alpine interface, please see your Dealer for details.

Enrich your vehicle with a massive 9” floating display. Compatible with the Toyota Fortuner the INE-F409E features a multitude of entertainment options such as Apple CarPlay, Android auto, stunning HDMI playback and DAB+ digital radio. Vehicle integration requires an Alpine interface, please see your Dealer for details.

Transform the cabin of your vehicle with the sleek and classy 9” display. Compatible with the Volkswagen Amarok the INE-F409E integrates perfectly with the vehicles electronic systems retaining features such as steering wheel controls, park assist, and climate display information. Suits vehicles up to 2017; steering wheel controls and vehicle integration requires an Alpine interface, please see your Dealer for details.

The all-new stylish INE-F409E is simple and easy to install into the Volkswagen Golf 6. What’s more is it is fully compatible with the vehicles electronic systems all while providing an elegant finish to the dash. Vehicle integration requires an Alpine interface, please see your Dealer for details.

The INE-F409E looks perfectly at home in the dash of your vehicle. Compatible with Volkswagen Transporter the floating 9” display is the ultimate upgrade. What’s more is the retention of the vehicle’s electronic systems. Vehicle integration requires an Alpine interface, please see your Dealer for details.

Elevate your vehicle to a whole new level of prestige with the INE-F409E. Compatible with the Audi TT the elegant XXL 9” display creates an amazing in-car experience. What’s more is the retention of information on the multi-function display such as phone info, radio stations and music titles. Vehicle integration requires an Alpine interface, please see your Dealer for details.

Turn your dashboard into a high-end cinematic experience with Alpine’s incredible 9” floating display. Compatible with Ford Ranger the INE-F409E boasts all the latest in-car entertainment including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, HDMI and DAB+ digital radio. Vehicle integration requires an Alpine interface, please see your Dealer for details.

The all-new INE-F409E enhances the driving experience behind the wheel of your Navara. The sophisticated design delivers an ultra-large 9” display to the dash, where it was previously thought impossible. Vehicle integration requires an Alpine interface, please see your Dealer for details.

The INE-F409E combines luxurious design and clever connectivity to the dash of your Subaru WRX. Equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto you can get directions, make calls, send and receive text messages and listen to music all in a way that allows you to maintain full focus on the road. Vehicle integration requires an Alpine interface, please see your Dealer for details.

The extraordinary INE-F409E will be the highlight of your vehicle, compatible with the Holden Colorado the 9” high-resolution floating display will fit in seamlessly into the dashboard. Vehicle integration requires an Alpine interface, please see your Dealer for details